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The present clinical report describes a rare sporadic clinical case of chronic diarrhea due to lymphosarcoma in a 7-yearold crossbred Holstein?Friesian cattle. Diarrhea occurred due to intestinal lymphoid tissue involvement. The clinical diagnosis of lymphosarcoma was derived from peritoneal fluid aspirate, lymph node enlargement, and absence of serological and fecal evidence of any parasitic or bacterial infection. Reactive proliferative mesothelial hyperplasia in peritoneal fluid examination confirmed lymphosarcoma. The cells form numerous 3-dimensional clusters in mesothelial lymphosarcoma. Postmortem examinations confirmed visceral lymph node enlargements. A hematological examination revealed leukocytosis and a marked decrease in hemoglobin level, which reflected a severe degree of anemia. A clinical diagnosis of bovine lymphosarcoma was made, with visceral lymph node enlargement resulting in consistent chronic diarrhea in the adult cow.

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