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The present study aimed to investigate the substituting effect of sunflower meal (SFM) for soybean meal (SBM) with or without supplemental Avizyme on growth performance, protein and energy efficiency ratios, carcass traits, and nutrient digestibility of broiler chickens. A 4 × 2 factorial design experiment was conducted with four levels of SFM replacing SBM (0%, 25%, 50%, 75%) and two levels of supplemented Avizyme (0 or 0.1 g/kg diet). Results revealed that increasing SFM substitution for SBM up to 50% was associated with an increase in body weight (P < 0.01). Daily weight gain was statistically (P < 0.01) enhanced with increasing SFM up to 50% through 22 to 42 and 7 to 42 days of age. Feed conversion ratio improved (P < 0.01) in groups given SFM at 25% and 50% compared to the control. No carcass values were affected by SFM inclusion or Avizyme. The inclusion of 25% or 50% SFM increased (P < 0.01) protein efficiency at periods of 7?21 and 22?42 days of age. Energy efficiency ratio improved (P < 0.01) due to SFM incorporation at levels of 25% or 50% in all periods. The interaction effect between SFM and Avizyme was not significant on a majority of studied parameters. The digestion coefficients of crude fiber, N-free extract, and organic matter increased (P < 0.05 or P < 0.01) with increased levels of SFM. In conclusion, the incorporation of SFM as a substitute for SBM in broiler diets improved the growth performance of broilers. The use of SFM up to 50% without Avizyme supplementation could be recommended in broiler diets from 7 to 42 days of age.


Sunflower meal, enzyme, broilers, growth, carcass, digestibility

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