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The present study aimed to investigate the antiinflammatory effects of 2 herbal extracts (CDS and CDSM) in rats with experimental adjuvant arthritis (AA). Joint swelling, development of polyarthritis, blood indices, pro/antioxidant activity, and proinflammatory cytokine IL-17 in blood serum, as well as the liver and paw histopathology and histochemistry, were assessed. Oral injections of extracts showed an antiinflammatory effect analogous to that of diclofenac (DF), improved blood indices and suppressed level of IL-17, significantly diminished joint swelling, and histological changes in the joints. Increase in CAT activity and AOA and reduction in lipid peroxidation was noted. The preparations did not show toxic effects on the liver. The obtained results suggest that the prophylactic use of CDS and CDSM have a significant effect on slowing AA progression, similar to the effect of DF. Both preparations could be potential preventive or therapeutic candidates for the treatment of autoimmune processes in combination with other drugs.


Adjuvant arthritis, herbal extracts, antioxidant activity

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