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The most prospective and actual trend in farm animal breeding is studying gene polymorphisms affecting the productive traits. The objective of this investigation was to study the effect of polymorphisms in intron 1 of the swine POU1F1 gene on number of days to 100 kg (days to 100 kg), length of body (LB), backfat thickness (BF), and number of piglets born alive (NBA). Research was conducted on purebred pigs of Landrace (n = 80) and Duroc (n = 100) and crossbred pigs (Landrace x Large White) (n = 192). Insertions/deletions in intron 1 of the POU1F1 gene were defined by the PCR method. In Landrace the frequency of genotypes AA, AB, and BB was 80.0%, 20.0%, and 0.0%; in crossbred pigs it was 63.0%, 29.0%, and 8.0%; and in Duroc it was 100.0%, 0.0%, and 0.0%, respectively. Significant effects of polymorphisms in intron 1 of the POU1F1 gene have been found in Landrace on days to 100 kg and LB and in crossbred pigs on LB and BF. The effect of the POU1F1 gene on NBA was not defined in our population. The obtained results show the possibility of using polymorphism in the 1st intron of the POU1F1 gene as a promising marker in breeding programs for improving growth and meat traits.


Pig, POU1F1, polymorphism, Landrace, Duroc, crossbred pig, length of body, backfat thickness

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