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The aim of this study was to determine the efficacy of immunoglobulin Y (IgY) obtained from chickens immunized with Salmonella vaccines. Chickens were vaccinated three times with inactivated monovalent, bivalent, and combined vaccines. Immunized hen eggs were collected after the third vaccination and IgYs were purified. In total, 100 mice were orally challenged with Salmonella serotypes. After the challenge, IgYs were orally administered to mice. Mice were observed for morbidity and mortality. Fecal samples from the mice were also cultured for the reisolation of Salmonella serotypes. The antibody titers in the serum samples of vaccinated chickens were higher than those of controls (P < 0.001). Neither morbidity nor mortality were observed in these mice. In all of the groups the reisolation numbers of the Salmonella serotypes from internal organs and fecal samples were low (P < 0.001) In conclusion, it is suggested that IgYs from immunized chickens could be used to establish protection against Salmonella infections.


Salmonella, protection, immunoglobulin Y, chicken, mice

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