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This study was carried out to detect biting midges of the Culicoides (Diptera: Nematocera: Ceratopogonidae) fauna in the Western Black Sea Region of Turkey between June and August 2014. In this study, 34,047 Culicoides samples were captured and 35 Culicoides species were identified. C. obsoletus (Meigen), 1818 was found to be the most dominant species. It was followed by C. picturatus Kremer & Deduit, 1961; C. punctatus (Meigen), 1804; and C. pulicaris (Linnaeus). All of the Culicoides species detected in the study were reported for the first time in the Western Black Sea Region. C. alazanicus Dzhafarov, 1961 and C. deltus Edwards, 1939 (C. lupicaris) were recorded as new records for the first time in Turkey.

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