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Growth and carcass characteristics of Honamlı, Hair, and Honamlı x Hair crossbred goat kids were investigated in this study. Seven kids, having live weights between 25 and 30 kg, were slaughtered. It was found that the live weights of Honamlı, Hair, and Honamlı x Hair kids were 3.90 kg and 27.50 kg, 3.04 kg and 16.91 kg, and 3.58 kg and 22.07 kg at birth and on the 120th day, respectively. Honamlı kids had higher body measurements, as well as birth and live weights, when compared to the other genotypes. While flocks had an important effect (P < 0.001) on all growth periods, the effect of dam age on body measurements was also significant (P > 0.05), except on the 30th day of age. While cold carcass weight was 12.38 kg, 11.41 kg, and 11.81 kg, respectively, for Honamlı, Hair, and Honamlı x Hair (F1) kids, cold dressing percentage based on empty body weight was 44.72%, 43.71%, and 44.08%, respectively, for Honamlı, Hair, and Honamlı × Hair (F1) kids. Weights and percentages of long leg, ribs, and shoulders did not have any significant differences between the genotypes (P > 0.05). Fast-growing animals with high meat production could be bred based on the results of this study.


Carcass, growth, kid

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