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In this study, we aimed to evaluate the effect of locking compression plates for the treatment of distal metacarpal fractures in calves. The metacarpus was stabilized using a stainless steel locking compression plate with fully threaded locking head screws. The calves started weight-bearing partially after the first postoperative day and resumed complete weight-bearing after day 10. Callus formation was obtained at the end of the 3rd week and completed at the end of the 8th week, and complete healing was seen at the 12th week in radiographs. The limbs were in good alignment, the calves were fully weight-bearing, and client satisfaction was very high. The metacarpal length, diameter of cortex, and diameter of medulla were measured in fractured and nonfractured metacarpi at the 1st, 45th, 120th, and 365th postoperative days. In conclusion, as the characteristics of juvenile bones do not provide sufficient physical strength for implants, we decided that locking compression plates are associated with good prognosis for surgical repair of distal metacarpal fractures in newborn calves.


Calf, metacarpus, fracture, locking compression plate

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