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Ultrasonographic examination of medial iliac and jejunal lymph nodes were performed in 36 dogs presented to the Department of Surgery and Radiology for spaying and castration. Ultrasonographic features such as length, height in longitudinal plane, shape, ease of scanning, echotexture, and echogenicity were recorded. The medial iliac and jejunal lymph nodes were scanned consistently in all 36 dogs. However, the presence of gas in the intestines affected the ease of scanning of the lymph nodes. The majority of these lymph nodes were easy to scan, and had homogeneous and hypoechoic echogenicity. The dogs were grouped based on body weight and age, and the means of their lymph node measurements were compared; no significant difference was observed. No significant correlation was observed between age, body weight, and lymph node measurements except for a moderately significant correlation between the height of the right medial iliac lymph node and body weight.


Ultrasonography, dogs, lymph node, jejunal, medial iliac, healthy

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