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Brucellosis is a zoonotic disease that affects not only livestock with economical losses but also human beings by causing serious health problems worldwide. Canine brucellosis has largely been overlooked in the world. In Turkey, brucellosis has also been one of the major concerns for decades. Canine brucellosis in this country has been reviewed and discussed from an environmental perspective in this review. As a part of prevention measures, one of the urgent practices that should be applied is to expand the routine examinations to include serological testing for all animals on arrival to kennels and then to decide the fate of the seropositive animals. It is thought that by giving wider information about stray dogs and wild Canidae in a common but not quite large habitat like that in Turkey, new studies could provide more understanding of canine brucellosis in one common environment.


Brucella canis, environment, Turkey

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