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The purpose of this experiment was to investigate the effects of feeding a low crude protein diet with supplemental dietary tryptophan in combination with pyridoxine and niacin compared with spray-dried porcine plasma (SDPP) supplementation on the performance and feed intake of weaning pigs. A total of 36 crossbred (Landrace × Yorkshire × Duroc) weaned female pigs of 28 days old were reared under three dietary treatments. Treatments were 1) corn-soybean meal diet, 2) 0.30% synthetic tryptophan + pyridoxine + niacin, and 3) 5% SDPP. The experimental results indicated no significant difference (P > 0.05) in feed intake for pigs fed the three experimental diets. However, pigs fed the synthetic tryptophan + pyridoxine + niacin diet tended to have better feed intake than those with other treatments, especially during the first 2 weeks after weaning. At the end of the experimental period, pigs fed synthetic tryptophan + pyridoxine + niacin and a basal control diet tended to have the same weight gain and feed efficiency when compared to pigs fed diets with 5% SDPP (P > 0.05). Therefore, the present study suggests that supplemental tryptophan in combination with pyridoxine and niacin may be used as an alternative for SDPP in weaning piglet diets.


Feed intake, niacin, pyridoxine, spray-dried porcine plasma, tryptophan, weaning piglets

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