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This study was carried out with the aim of determining the effects of higher setter and hatcher temperatures on slaughter weight and carcass yield. In experiment 1, setter temperatures were applied as control (37.8-38.2 °C) and high (38.9-40.0 °C) between days 10 and 18 during incubation. In experiment 2, hatcher temperatures were applied as control (36.8-37.0 °C) and high (38.8-39.0 °C) during the hatching period. A total of 240 chicks from each experiment were randomly selected after the hatching process was complete. At the end of the growing period, a total of 120 broilers from each experiment were weighed and slaughtered at 42 days of age. The carcass weight was lower in the higher temperature groups in both experiments. In the higher setter temperature group, the breast weight was lower with a value of 981.4 g, but the percentage of breast was higher with a value of 45.59%. In experiment 2, the weight and the percentage of breast was similar in the control and high hatcher temperature groups. In conclusion, slaughter weight and carcass yield are affected by higher setter and hatcher temperatures.


Incubation temperature, slaughter, carcass yield

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