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The purpose of this study was to determine the morphological and morphometric characteristics of the interdigital gland in Kivircik sheep. The interdigital glands in the forefeet and hind feet of the 16 male Kivircik sheep were examined in terms of morphometric and morphological characteristics. Four lengths (length of duct and corpus, diameter of duct and corpus) and 2 angles (angle of internal and external flexure) were measured in the interdigital glands located between 2 digits after dissection. The interdigital gland contained orifice, excretory duct, flexure, and corpus sections. Lengths and widths of corpus and excretory ducts of the interdigital gland were 2.19, 2.68, 0.47, and 0.20 cm, respectively. The diameter of the excretory duct, external angle, diameter of corpus, and diameter of excretory duct in the right interdigital glands of the Kivircik sheep were higher than those of the left interdigital glands, a statistically significant difference. The apocrine gland secretion was PAS- and AB-positive.


Foot, interdigital gland, Kivircik sheep, skin gland

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