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Neosporosis and brucellosis are 2 well-known diseases causing bovine abortion. This study determined co-infection of Neospora caninum and Brucella abortus in buffaloes for the first time in Pakistan. A monoclonal antibody based competitive ELISA was used to test buffalo sera (n = 312) for N. caninum specific antibodies, while rose bengal plate test assessed B. abortus antibodies. N. caninum and B. abortus prevalence was 42.8% (±6.7, 95% C.I.) and 12.2% (±3.6, 95% C.I.), respectively. Buffaloes >3 years old exhibited higher prevalence than younger ones. Co-infection was particularly significant as 13.2% of Neospora infected buffaloes were also Brucella infected with an overall co-existence of 12.2%, suggesting higher abortion risk in such animals than in those infected with either one of the pathogens. Proper disposal of aborted fetuses and placentae, and testing and culling infected animals are suggested to impede transmission of pathogens.


Co-infection, ELISA, N. caninum, B. abortus, rose bengal plate test, buffaloes

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