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Previous research revealed that several single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of zyxin were significantly associated with coccidiosis-resistance parameters. In this research, the Jinghai yellow chicken was chosen to detect the SNPs of zyxin gene exon 1 by PCR-SSCP and DNA sequencing techniques, and was also used to analyze the effect of zyxin SNPs on carcass traits. A single mutation was found with 3 genotypes, designated as AA, AB, and BB. The results showed that BB was significantly different from AA and AB in terms of abdominal fat weight and slaughter rate for cockerel (P < 0.05), while there was no significant difference between AA and AB (P > 0.05). The heart weight, breast muscle rate, and drumstick muscle rate of AB were significantly higher than those of AA and BB for pullet (P < 0.05), while semieviscerated rate and eviscerated rate of AB were lower than those of AA and BB. Except for slaughter rate, all traits related to carcass traits showed significant differences between the 3 genotypes for both cockerel and pullet (P < 0.05). These results indicated that the selection of zyxin gene for coccidiosis resistance might affect some unimportant traits, such as abdominal organs, tissue performance, and slaughter rate.


Carcass traits, chicken, relationship, SNPs, zyxin gene

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