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In the present study, an 84-bp insertion/deletion polymorphism of the sterol regulatory element-binding protein 1 (SREBP1) gene was investigated. The analysis included 6 Polish cattle herds consisting of beef (Limousin, Angus, Charolais), dairy (Holstein-Friesian, Jersey) and dual-purpose (Montbeliard) breeds. The polymorphism was found only in Limousin and Montbeliard animals, in which both the short (S)- and long (L)-type alleles occurred. The genotype distribution in Montbeliard cattle was as follows: 0.038, 0.406, and 0.556 for SS, LS, and LL, respectively. To the author's knowledge, this study was the first to investigate the above-mentioned polymorphic site in the Montbeliard and Jersey cattle populations. As far as SREBP1 function is concerned, the examined locus seems to be a very interesting object for further investigations, such as association studies for fatty acid content and composition in cattle milk.

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