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This study examined the lingual papillae of 80-day-old wild pig fetal siblings through macroscopic and light and scanning electron microscopic observations. The results revealed that fungiform papillae were located on every aspect of the tongue except the ventral surface and the center of the dorsal surface. Conical papillae were present on the dorsal surface of the root of the tongue and marginal papillae were observed on the lateral edges of the tip of the tongue. There were 2 vallate papillae on the dorsal and 2 foliate papillae on the lateral aspects of the root of the tongue. The filiform papillae normally seen in the mature stage were not observed at this stage. Taste buds were identified in all the gustatory papillae examined. On the other hand, taste pores were perceived only in the fungiform papillae. The findings acquired will surely contribute to the literature as an essential base for further related research.


Light microscopy, SEM, lingual papillae, wild pig fetus

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