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This study was carried out to create a chicken meat consumption profile, including factors that influenced buying habits and consumer preferences. Data were obtained from surveys conducted face-to-face with 450 household heads in the city center of Ankara. In the study, the average size of the household and the total monthly household consumption of chicken meat were determined to be 3.9 persons and 3.31 kg, respectively. The majority of participants claimed that their average chicken meat consumption would increase by 82.0% if their total real household income increased by 100%. Of those surveyed, 32.9% preferred chicken as a first choice among meats, 28.7% preferred it as a second choice, and 24.4% preferred it as a third choice. In households that prefer chicken as a first option, the most important factors that affect the preferences of chicken meat consumption are price suitability, taste, nutritional value, health circumstances, fat rates, and ease of preparation, respectively. Considering the outcome of the research related to consumer demands and preferences, it is possible to increase market shares by supplying products of suitable amount, quality, and properties. From the view of using marketing tools more effectively and defining new strategies, determination of consumer preferences and the factors affecting them have great importance.


Chicken meat, household, consumption, consumer preferences

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