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In order to investigate whether porcine circovirus 2b (PCV2b) can be replicated in the spermatids of mice and whether semen from PCV2b-infected male mice can induce reproductive failure in female mice, 10 male Kunming mice were intraperitoneally inoculated with PCV2b, and 10 female Kunming mice were artificial inseminated with semen from the PCV2b-inoculated male mice. Semen from inoculated male mice and newborn mice or dead fetuses from inseminated female mice were tested for PCV2b by polymerase chain reaction, transmission electron microscopy, and immunofluorescent histochemistry. The results showed that PCV2b was capable of being replicated in spermatids in Kunming mice and could be transmitted from semen to fetuses by artificial insemination, causing reproductive failure in pregnant Kunming mice and PCV2b vertical infection to the newborn mice.


PCV2b DNA-positive semen, artificial insemination, PCV2b transmission to fetuses, reproductive failure, Kunming mice

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