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In the present study, 178 blood samples from buffaloes were tested against indirect enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (I-ELISA), rose bengal plate test (RBPT), microagglutination test (MAT), modified microagglutination test (mMAT), and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to select the most suitable test for efficient and effective diagnosis of bovine brucellosis. Win Episcope 2 software was used to determine the agreement between tests (kappa values at 95% confidence interval). I-ELISA was pair compared with all the other tests. Out of 178 samples, 102 were found positive by I-ELISA, 81 by RBPT, 85 by MAT, 79 by mMAT, and 68 by PCR. Substantial agreement was observed between I-ELISA and RBPT (\kappa = 0.72), I-ELISA and MAT ((\kappa = 0.65), and I-ELISA and mMAT ((\kappa = 0.67). The least degree of agreement was observed between I-ELISA and PCR ((\kappa = 0.15). I-ELISA detected more samples as positive among these tests. The results of the present study indicate that I-ELISA can be used for routine sero-diagnosis of Brucella infection in buffaloes. Furthermore, PCR can be used in combination with I-ELISA to complement the serological diagnosis, especially in the initial phase when the immune response of the animal is not detectable.


Brucellosis, I-ELISA, RBPT, MAT, mMAT, PCR

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