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A total of 366 specimens of 10 fish species inhabiting Lake Sığırcı were examined between April 2009 and February 2010. Inside or outside of these fish, 33 parasite species were identified. From these parasites, 18 monogenean, 5 digenean trematode, 3 cestode, 3 acanthocephalan, 3 nematode, and 1 Mollusca: Bivalvia (glochidia) species were recorded. Diplostomum spp., Tylodelphys clavata, glochidia-larvae, and monogenean species were found to be common parasites in all the fish species examined. The highest prevalence and mean infection intensity with Diplostomum spp. were found in Lepomis gibbosus (prevalence 91.6%, mean intensity 5.6 individuals per fish) and in Scardinius erythrophthalmus (prevalence 88.0%, mean intensity 73.0 individuals); Tylodelphys clavata occurred with the highest prevalence (98.2%) and mean infection intensity (181.3 individuals) in Perca fluviatilis. Carassius gibelio exhibited rich monogenean biodiversity, with 6 species.


Lake Sığırcı, fish, metazoan parasites

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