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This study aimed to investigate the effects of ram presence during estrus synchronization protocol and previous sexual experience on estrus onset, estrus duration, and sexual behaviors in Kıvırcık ewes. The ewes were divided into 2 groups according to the presence or absence of rams during the synchronization protocol. Ewes in each group were also divided into 3 subgroups according to their previous sexual experience. Ram presence during synchronization protocol did not affect estrus onset, estrus duration, mean attractivity, mean proceptivity, and mean receptivity. Nonexperienced ewes had longer estrus onset and shorter estrus duration than experienced ewes. Experienced ewes were more attractive and more receptive than the naive ones. It is concluded that although ram presence during estrus synchronization has no effect on sexual behaviors, previous sexual experience with males improves the expression of sexual behaviors in Kıvırcık ewes. Therefore, detection of estrus in maiden ewes should be performed more carefully in order to get high rates of flock fertility.


Ram presence, experience, proceptivity, receptivity, estrus onset

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