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This study was performed via a survey conducted of a total of 112 cattle operations in Kars and the vicinity and included a total of 2317 head, of which 280 were determined to have foot problems. The financial loss incurred per operation was calculated in accordance with the data obtained. As a result, the prevalence of foot disease encountered in cattle in the region in 2010 was determined to be 12.08%, and although it varied depending on the severity of the foot diseases, the animals were healed in an average of 46.5 days. Live weights declined by an average of 14.9% due to pain and lower feed consumption during the course of the disease and the rate of reoccurrence of the foot disease averaged 37.4%. Furthermore, it was determined that total loss per operation from foot diseases in this study was euro 357.85 and that operations spent an average of euro 76.36 per year on foot disease in the form of treatment and veterinarian expenses.


Cattle, foot diseases, financial losses, treatment and veterinarian expenses, Kars Province

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