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The case of a 3.5-year-old male Norwegian Elkhound crossbreed dog, seen the day after a traffic accident, is reported. Fractures in the symphysis mandibulae and the right corpus mandibulae were diagnosed. The apex linguae hung down laterally; a 2-cm cut wound was present on the right side. Two more cut wounds (6 cm long on the ventral surface and 3 cm long on the dorsal aspect) of the tongue in a direction oblique to its long axis were connected by a cut through the entire thickness of the tongue. Tooth 103 was broken at the gingival line and 104 under the apex. X-ray examination showed a fracture of the right maxilla between teeth 108 and 109, a fracture of the left maxilla between teeth 205 and 206, another fracture at the symphysis mandibulae, and an oblique fracture of the right corpus mandibulae located between teeth 406 and 407. Following routine protocols, 2 cerclage wires were applied to the right corpus mandibulae fracture and a figure-of-8 cerclage was applied to that on the symphysis mandibulae. The maxilla fracture was fixed with a cerclage between the right and left canine and molar teeth. The dog was healthy at the 6-month follow-up clinical examination.


Dog, jaw fracture, hiatus linguae

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