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Using Jining Grey goat ear marginal tissues as experimental materials, we succeeded in establishing a fibroblast cell bank, including 32 samples, by means of a primary explant and cryopreservation technique. The results from the biological analysis suggested that the population doubling time of the cell line was approximately 48 h. The diploid accounted for 98.35%, the isozyme analysis of the lactic dehydrogenase and malic dehydrogenase disproved cross contamination, and the results of the bacterium, fungi, virus, and mycoplasma detection tests were all negative. The transfection rates of 3 fluorescent protein genes were high, which supported the opinion that exogenous genes could be effectively expressed in the cells. This research has not only preserved the precious germplasm resources of the Jining Grey goat at the somatic cell level, but it has also provided valuable materials for the study of genomics, postgenomics, and somatic cloning.


Jining Grey goat, fibroblast cell bank, cryogenic preservation, genetic conservation

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