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This study aimed to investigate the histopathological changes that occurred in the wound of the sole ulcer located on the hooves of dairy cattle. A total of 12 Holstein-Frisian dairy cows suffering from sole ulcer were studied. Sole ulcers in the lateral hoof of the left or right foot of hind legs containing the corium and a part of the epidermis were collected and examined histopathologically. There were subacute inflammatory changes in the superficial dermal vessels. A slight perivascular lymphocyte infiltration and congestion and hyalinization of arterial walls were observed in the corium. Thickening was observed in the endothelium of dermal vessels, and revascularization areas were also noticed. Although epithelial proliferation (acanthosis), degeneration, and necrosis were found, the more obvious changes observed were eosinophilia and mineralization of the connective tissue. In addition, congestion and edema were also seen in the connective tissue.


Sole ulcer, cattle, histopathology

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