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Cymothoidae are cosmopolitan, ubiquitous, and nonspecific parasites of fish of different biotopes causing a significant economic loss to fisheries either by killing and stunting or simply by damaging their hosts. This study represents the first record of Mothocya melanosticta from the Red Sea, with a new host record in Myripristis murdjan (pinecone soldierfish), the other resident species of the fish-parasitic isopod family Cymothoidae in Egypt. The recovered Mothocya melanosticta was of moderate body size (17.7 × 8.2 mm) and had a cephalon with widely truncated rostrum, short pleotelson with uropod rami not extending beyond the telson, and the presence of a small rounded protrusion ranging in size from 0.3 to 0.5 mm on the lateral side of pereonite II. The overall prevalence was 31.25% and it was only found in the branchial cavity. The monthly and seasonal variation in infestation is reported.


Egypt, Mothocya melanosticta, Myripristis murdjan, prevalence, Red Sea

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