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It has long been considered that aloe has many beneficial effects for humans and animals, exhibiting antibiotic, antihistaminic, anesthetic, antiinflammatory, and immunostimulant properties. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the influence of supplemental aloe preparation on some immunological and hematological indices of turkey hen blood. The study involved 160 medium-heavy BUT-9-type 6-week-old female turkey hens, administered Aloe-plus plant preparation at the following varying concentrations: Group 1, control without aloe addition; Group 2, daily doses of 0.35 mL/kg body weight; Group 3, daily doses of 0.70 mL/kg body weight; and Group 4, daily doses of 1.40 mL/kg body weight. The preparation was supplied as a drinking water additive. The study results indicate that the aloe supplement did not contribute to a significant improvement of the rearing performance of the birds. However, the feed conversion rate proved to be lower in all of the experimental groups compared to the control. Aloe supplement at a daily level of 0.70 mL/kg body weight significantly increased the blood parameters of nonspecific immunity (percentage of phagocyting cells, phagocytic index, percentage of nitro blue tetrazolium-reducing cells, and lysozyme activity). In conclusion, it seems meaningful to include Aloe-plus preparation at a daily dose of 0.70 mL/kg into turkey hen diets.


Turkey hen, Aloe-plus, blood index, rearing performance

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