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Neuronal and extraneuronal lipofuscinosis was determined in Merino sheep (6 sheep and 3 heads of sheep) of 2-3 years old that had grazed on Asphodelus aestivus seeds. Clinically, the sheep exhibited tremors, paresis, oral and nasal discharge, and severe respiratory distress. Haemorrhagic necrotic tracheitis, aspiration pneumonia, and subacute enteritis were observed in 6 sheep during macroscopic examinations. The brains of the animals were of firm consistency and yellowish brown in colour. Histological examination of the central nervous system revealed that most of the cytoplasm of neurons contained yellowish brown pigment granules. Pigmentations were particularly detected in the pons, medulla oblongata, and medulla spinalis. Similar pigment granules were also found in the liver, kidneys, intestines, adrenal glands, and heart. The histochemical and electron microscopic examinations identified the pigment as lipofuscin.

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