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This study was designed to investigate the effects of a supplement of inulin and \beta-glucan into broiler rations on growth performance, serum cholesterol, intestinal length, and immune system. A total of 320 male 1-day-old Ross PM3 broiler chicks were divided into 1 control and 3 treatment groups, each comprising 80 birds. Each group was divided into 4 replicate groups of 20 birds each. The treatment groups were supplemented with 0.7% inulin, 0.014% \beta-glucan, and 0.7% inulin + 0.014% \beta-glucan, respectively. The experiment lasted for 6 weeks. Immunomodulatory roles were also investigated by measuring the effects on specific antibody titer, and, for this purpose, vaccination against the Newcastle disease (ND) virus was administered on days 10 and 26. Serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels were also investigated. At the end of the experiment, inulin supplementation to the diets significantly increased the intestine and cecum length. The supplementation of 0.7% inulin + 0.014% \beta-glucan to the diets not only had negative effects on performance parameters but also resulted in increased serum total cholesterol (P =< 0.001) and triglyceride (P =< 0.01) levels. The amount of abdominal fat of the carcasses also increased during this treatment in the animals in the inulin + \beta-glucan group by the end of the trial.


\beta-Glucan, blood parameters, immune system, inulin, performance

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