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The objective of this study was to determinate the genotype and allele distributions of growth hormone receptor gene polymorphisms in East Anatolian Red cattle (EAR), South Anatolian Red cattle (SAR), and Turkish Grey (TG) cattle. To this end, 50 EAR, 50 SAR, and 50 TG cattle were used in the study. DNA samples were isolated by using the standard ammonium acetate salt-out method. Target regions were amplified and digested by AluI, AccI, StuI, NsiI, and Fnu4HI restriction enzymes. The + allele frequency of growth hormone receptor (GHR)/AluI polymorphism related with milk traits in TG cattle and the - allele frequencies of GHR/AluI polymorphism related with meat traits in EAR and SAR cattle were found to be low. The + allele frequency of GHR/StuI polymorphism affecting milk traits was found to be low in the EAR breed. The -/- genotype of GHR/NsiI polymorphism was also low in all 3 of the breeds. The + allele frequency of GHR/Fnu4HI polymorphism related with meat traits turned out to be low in the SAR and EAR breeds. In conclusion, it can be said that some of the alleles of GHR polymorphisms that are favorable for trait qualities occur less frequently in SAR, EAR, and TG cattle breeds than they do in high-trait European breeds.


PCR-RFLP, GHR gene, SNP, East Anatolian Red cattle, South Anatolian Red cattle, Turkish Grey cattle

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