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The values for the serum protein profiles of horses are available in many studies. However, only one study has characterized the electrophoretic migration profile of plasma protein in donkeys. The present study aimed to determine by agarose gel electrophoresis the normal values for serum protein fractions in erratic Brazilian-breed donkeys and to compare these values with those of the serum proteins of horses. Serum samples were collected from 26 donkeys of the Brazilian-breed and from 10 healthy horses. The serum levels of the total proteins were determined by the biuret method. The separation and determination of the values of serum protein fractions were performed by means of agarose gel electrophoresis and the analysis of the data was done using specific software. The results were compared using an unpaired t-test, with the level of statistical significance set at P < 0.05. A total of 7 protein fractions were found: albumin and \alpha1-, \alpha2-, \beta1-, \beta2-, \gamma1-, and \gamma2-globulins. The results showed that in the evaluated donkeys the levels of \alpha2-globulins were higher than those of \alpha1-globulins and that the levels of \gamma1-globulins were higher than those of \gamma2-globulins. Furthermore, the sexual interference in the concentrations of proteins and their fractions revealed that no sex-related difference was present. The serum concentrations of protein fractions from the donkeys were similar to those of horses. Sex did not affect the serum protein levels.


Albumin, donkeys, globulins, proteinogram, proteins

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