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A systematic evaluation of the dynamic changes of prolactin (PRL) around the whole cycle of broodiness in domestic fowl has not been performed. We started to investigate the overall changing profile of PRL expression at both protein and mRNA levels from pre- to post-broodiness in Wan-xi White goose, an indigenous breed in East China. The onset of broodiness was recorded, and the plasma PRL concentration and the pituitary PRL mRNA level at 5 stages were measured, in that order, around the first broody cycle. The expression level of pituitary PRL mRNA was highly correlated with the plasma PRL level (r = 0.92), and both changed synchronically around the broody cycle. They significantly increased at the onset of broodiness, but rapidly dropped during the early half period of broodiness, until the later half period of broodiness, and post-broodiness as well, where they reached a similar level as that of pre-broodiness (the laying period). Therefore, intervention on PRL could be a useful tool in regulating goose broodiness, as well as potentially for other domestic fowls.


Prolactin, mRNA, broody cycle, Wan-xi White Goose

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