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A total of 19,679 adult ticks were collected from 443 cattle in 9 villages in the West Aegean region of Turkey over 2 years (June 2006-May 2008). Thirteen out of the 19,679 adult ticks were identified as Hyalomma rufipes (12 adult males and 1 female). The ticks were identified according to their characteristic dark coloured conscutum and scutum along with the presence of small to medium but uniform and numerous punctations. Dimensions (length and width) of male and female H. rufipes ticks were 3075 and 1880 µm and 3213 and 2181 \mum, respectively. The present study not only confirms previous observations demonstrating the presence of H. rufipes in cattle in Turkey, but also demonstrates for the first time its existence in the West Aegean region of the country.

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