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The study was conducted to estimate the Best Linear Unbiased Prediction (BLUP) breeding values of different milk production traits for Holstein and its crossbreds and to construct an economic selection index or total merit for individual cows from 2 different dairy farms in Chittagong, Bangladesh. The BLUP-estimated breeding values were obtained by AIREML, and an economic selection index was constructed as the sum of the product of the estimated breeding value with the economic value for each trait (lactation milk yield, calving interval, and liveweight). The Holstein × Sahiwal crossbred showed better phenotypic performance in both farms while the same cows showed variable performance when compared to each other. It can be postulated that comparatively better performance might be due to good management and proper feeding, as well as the lactation stage and age of the cows. According to the economic selection index value, the Holstein × Local scored higher when compared to other genotypes. Therefore, the selection of cows of top index value would be beneficial for the production of offspring in the next generation.


Performance, estimated breeding values, economic selection index

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