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This study examined downer dairy cows with concurrent fatty liver of different degrees and evaluated the haematological values, the relationship and joint occurrence of fatty liver severity and haematology and compared the haematological values in the downer animals that finally died or cured. Blood and liver biopsy samples were obtained from 36 Holstein downer cows shortly after they became recumbent and before they were treated. Blood analysis included determination of haematocrit, haemoglobin, white blood, granular cell and lymphocytes count, and platelet number. Liver tissue was examined histologically and was classified according to severity of fatty liver. The majority of downer cows had fatty liver. Concerning outcome, 9 of the 36 cows were finally cured and 27 were confirmed dead by the deadline decided for cases' follow up, which was the 7th day-in-milk. There was a significant association between clinical outcome (cured or died) and severity of fatty liver, while none of the haematological parameters showed any significant difference between the cured vs. animals that died. The haematology of downer cows with concurrent fatty liver did not offer sound help in patient evaluation. There was no strong correlation between blood parameters and liver triglyceride content or other liver diagnostic parameters. Neither haematological parameter showed any significant difference between animals which finally either died or were cured.


Haematology, downer cows, fatty liver

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