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The present report describes a giant cell type of malignant fibrous histiocytoma (MFH), diagnosed in soft parts of the right abdominal mammary region, in an 11-year old, 8 kg, nulliparous female Ankara (Angora) cat diagnosed in soft parts of the right abdominal mammary region. The tumor, surgically excised from the abdominal region, had a flexible consistency with ulcerated overlying skin. The tumor was elliptical (8.0 cm × 7.0 cm × 5.0 cm) with a necrotic area of 3.0 cm × 1.5 cm × 1.0 cm in the middle of the cut surface. Microscopically, the tumor was subcutaneous and unencapsulated. Tumor cells were comprised of a mixture of fibroblast-like spindle and histiocytic-like cells with a pale pink cytoplasm. Cells were oval or elongated with a round, large nucleus, and small single nucleoli. In addition, an abundant number of multi-nucleated giant cells were observed. In some fields, there was a dense collagen connective tissue, foci of cartilaginous, bony metaplasia, and hemorrhage surrounding necrosis.

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