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This study explored the effects of a single administration of flunixin meglumine (acting as a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) and oxytetracycline combination on the reproductive performance of cows diagnosed with subclinical endometritis during the postpartum period. Cows aged 3 to 9 at 40 to 60 days postpartum were studied. Endometrial samples were collected from cows that had a uterine cornu (middle of the cornu) width of greater than 3.5 cm in the ultrasonographic examination, and 40 cows diagnosed with subclinical endometritis were included in the study. Cows in group 1 (n = 20) received a single dose of 20 mg of flunixin meglumine and 300 mg of oxytetracycline IM per 10 kg of body weight, whereas the cows in group 2 (n = 20) served as controls and were administered placebo simultaneously with the animals in group 1. Following the application, cows in both groups were artificially inseminated during the first detected heat. Twenty-five percent of cows in the control group and 55% of cows in the treatment group conceived. As a consequence, it was concluded that clinical and subclinical endometritis causes delays in conception or embryonic deaths in cows, and that a single IM administration of oxytetracycline + flunixin meglumine to cows with subclinical endometritis may yield favourable results in enhancing the pregnancy rate.

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