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This preliminary report describes the occurrence of acute pulmonary emphysema cum pulmonary edema ensuing in extensive subcutaneous emphysematous swellings in a dairy buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) apparently associated with a sudden shift from berseem (Trifolium alexendrinum) to Brassica juncea fodder. Tachypnea, expiratory dyspnea, open-mouth breathing, loud expiratory grunt with abdominal lift, and crackles in ventral aspects of the lungs with normal rectal temperature characterized the condition clinically. A substantial improvement was noted 3 h after treatment with parenteral administration of prednisolone plus dexamethasone, diclofenac sodium, and furosemide. Per os administration of chlortetracycline was undertaken after dyspnea had abated. Extensive subcutaneous swellings developed as sequel on withers, back, axillae, and thorax, was deflated using a hypodermic needle. The buffalo completely recovered in 10 days. As far as could be ascertained, this is the first report dwelling on acute pulmonary emphysema cum pulmonary edema.


Pulmonary emphysema, pulmonary edema, Brassica juncea, dairy buffalo

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