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The aim of this study was to compare 2 copper products and examine their influence on hematological parameters, body weight, and content of copper and iron in the liver and spleen of pigs. In this experiment, 60 day-old pigs, bw \approx 10 kg, (Camborough hybrid) were fed 1 of 3 treatments for 20 days: 20 ppm copper from copper methionine (Cu MET), 40 ppm copper from Cu MET, and 20 ppm Cu from copper sulfate (Cu SUL). Control group did not receive any copper supplementation. Our data show that a daily dose of 20 ppm Cu MET supplemented to the ration of pigs exerts positive effects on blood hemoglobin on day 10 and erythrocyte levels on day 20, and copper and iron storage in the liver and spleen of pigs as compared with the control. Growth response from added Cu MET showed some improvements over pigs fed the control diet; however, no significant difference was found between these groups.


Pig, copper source, blood parameters, performance

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