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The aim of this study was to explore the feasibility and the diagnostic value of conventional Doppler parameters of transmitral inflows and Doppler tissue echocardiography parameters of septal annulus motion for the assessment of diastolic dysfunction in dogs with cardiac failure. The LV diastolic mitral flow patterns were divided into normal diastolic flow pattern (group 1), delayed relaxation pattern (group 2), pseudonormal flow pattern (group 3), and restrictive pattern (group 4). In our study population, 17 patients had normal mitral inflow variables (E/A ratio > 1 and Dt < 109 m). The other 7 patients were classified as having abnormal mitral inflow pattern (E' > 8 cm/s, E'/A' > 1). In conclusion, the combination of Doppler tissue echocardiography of the mitral septal annulus and mitral inflow patterns by conventional Doppler indices provides better estimates of diastolic dysfunction in dogs.


Diastolic dysfunction, Doppler echocardiography, dog

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