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Zinc deficiency may result in alopecia, erythema, crusting, scaling, parakeratosis, inflammation of the skin, and impaired wound healing. Zinc deficiency also may impair the immune response against microorganisms and lead to fungal infections such as trichophytosis. The present study included male and female dogs (n = 7) of various breeds, ages, and diagnosed with Microsporum canis dermatophytosis and 4 healthy dogs used as the control group. The influence of dermatophytosis on serum zinc concentrations in dogs was investigated. Wood's lamp examination, fungal cultures, and additionally biopsy specimen were used to confirm the diagnosis and rule out other causes of the skin lesions. Serum zinc concenrations were determined by use of an atomic absorption spectrophotometer. No statistical difference was found in zinc concentrations between the dogs with dermatophytosis and normal dogs. Based upon the findings of this pilot study, no association was documented between the occurrence of dermatophytosis and the serum zinc concentrations.


Serum zinc concentrations, dermatophytosis, dog

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