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Chylothorax due to right-sided heart failure was diagnosed in a 3.5-year-old, male Rottweiler, based on the clinical, radiological, and echocardiographic examinations, and serum biochemical test results (pleural fluid cytology and triglyceride levels of the serum and pleural fluid). En bloc ligation of thoracic duct along with its branches and pleural abrasion were performed after the failure of the initial medical management including pleural drainage via tube thoracostomy, and enalapril, furosemide, and low-fat diet (Prescription Diet Canine r/d, Hill´s Pet Product, Topeka, Kansas, USA). Combination medical and surgical therapy resulted in an excellent postoperative outcome. Six months after surgery the dog had no evidence of clinical signs of right-sided heart failure or chylothorax and the severity of echocardiographic abnormalities (right atrial dilatation and tricuspid regurgitant jet velocity) was reduced.

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