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The prevalence, intensity, and pathology of a Myxobolus sp. affecting the kidneys of cultured Diplodus puntazzo C. during the period 2003-2005 are described. The study included data collected from the largest farm in southern Greece where a high rate of mortality due to myxosporean infection occurred. Sharp snout seabream reared in sea cages in southern Greece underwent microbiological, parasitological, and histological examinations, while measurement and identification of parasites was performed immediately after sampling. Samplings were made daily from winter 2003 to autumn 2005. Prevalence was estimated for each season (autumn, winter, spring, and summer) each year (2003, 2004, and 2005). The Myxobolus sp. was detected in high numbers and with a high prevalence of infection in the renal interstitial tissue, especially during the summer months. The growth rate of infected D. puntazzo was very slow during the study period in comparison to cultured Sparus aurata L. and uninfected D. puntazzo.


Diplodus puntazzo, Myxobolus sp., Myxosprorida, pathology, seasonality

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