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The purpose of this study was to obtain detailed information about the normal size and texture of the goat liver by means of ultrasonographic examination. The structure, location, and size of the liver, portal vein, and caudal vena cava were examined ultrasonographically in 6 goats. The angle of the liver and the thickness of the gallbladder wall were also determined. Examinations were performed on the right side of the abdomen, from the 6th through 12th intercostal space, using a 6-13 MHz linear transducer. In each intercostal space the dimensions of the liver, and if visible, the location and diameter of the portal vein and caudal vena cava were determined. Ultrasonographic measurement of liver size and location in healthy goats can be used as a reference for changes in the liver attributable to illness.


Ultrasonography, liver, goat

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