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This study aimed to evaluate the effects of pre-incubation formaldehyde fumigation on the tracheal epithelium of chicken embryos and chicks. Throughout the study pre-incubation formaldehyde fumigation was applied to 18-day-old embryos and 1-day-old chicks only once, at 1 of 2 different concentrations (3x, 42 ml of formalin and 21 g of potassium permanganate per m^3 and 4x, 56 ml of formalin and 28 g of potassium permanganate per m^3) for 1 of 2 different durations (20 min and 40 min). Tracheal samples were taken from 18-day-old embryos and 1-day-old chicks, and the tracheal epithelial cells were examined with transmission electron microscopy (TEM). According to TEM, after fumigation cilia in the epithelial cells were shorter and fewer in number, and vacuolisation, swelling of the mitochondria, and spoiling of cristae were observed in the subjects, which varied according to fumigation concentration and duration.


Chick, chicken embryo, disinfection, formaldehyde, tracheal epithelium, transmission electron microscopy

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