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A total of 1500 serum samples were collected from cattle, buffaloes, and humans. The Rose Bengal plate test (RBPT) and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) detected Brucella antibodies in 56 (10.18%) and 44 (8%) of the cattle, respectively. In samples collected from buffaloes 9.38% and 6.92% were positive, whereas 14% and 11% of the samples from humans were found to be positive by RBPT and ELISA, respectively. Among village workers a higher prevalence of brucellosis was recorded in females than in males. Abattoir-associated personnel also had a higher incidence of brucellosis. Results of the present study revealed that RBPT and ELISA can be used efficiently for mass screening of Brucella antibodies in both humans and animals, and that people that worked with animals had a higher incidence of brucellosis, indicating that they might have been infected by contact with infected animals and might act as carriers.


Prevalence, brucellosis, bovine, human, Pakistan

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