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Presence of the chicken infectious anemia virus (CIAV) infection in chicken flocks in some provinces of Turkey was investigated by ELISA and PCR in this study. From 38 flocks (16 commercial layer, 10 commercial broilers, 4 breeder layers and 8 breeder broilers), 922 serum samples were tested for CIAV-specific antibodies using a commercially available competitive ELISA. CIAV antibodies were positive in 609 (66.0%) sera from 34 flocks (89.5%). A total of 95 thymus samples from 25 flocks, 57 samples from 15 commercial layers, and 38 samples from 10 commercial broiler flocks were tested by PCR. In 53 (55.8%) thymus samples from 20 flocks (80.0%) CIAV-specific DNA was detected. In commercial layers antibodies were detected in 15 (93.7%) of 16 flocks and viral DNA was detected in 13 (86.6%) of 15 flocks. In commercial broilers both CIAV antibodies and DNA were detected in 7 (70%) of 10 flocks tested. While seropositivity was detected in 12 (100%) of breeding broilers (8) and layer (4) flocks tested, no PCR was performed in these flocks. The study showed high prevalence of subclinical CIAV infection in the investigated chicken flocks.


Chicken infectious anemia virus, ELISA, PCR, chicken

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