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An 18-month-old native goat with 25 kg bodyweight submitted to the Department of Anatomy from a farm for use in student practicals was diagnosed with cryptorchidism. In macroscopical examination, the cryptorchid testis was near the left kidney. The cryptorchid testis was small, firm, and 31 x 30 mm in size and weighed 11 g, while the right testis, located in the scrotum, was 53 x 29 mm in size and weighed 37 g. Microscopically there was tubular hypoplasia and the capsule of the testis (tunica albuginea) was thicker in the left cryptorchid testis. Cryptorchidism is seen more often in horses, cats, dogs, and pigs compared to other species. This report describes an abdominal left cryptorchid testis in a native goat.


Goat, left abdominal cryptorchidism, testis

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