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The effects of breed and period of lactation on milk composition were investigated. For this purpose, 8 crossbred (3/4 German fawn 1/4 Hair goat) and 10 Damascus goats were kept under identical management conditions. Lactation period affected milk yield and milk composition in both goat breeds. Milk yield, lactation duration, and mean solid and fat values showed differences between the breeds. The mean values of total solid and fat of milk during lactation were 13.82 ± 0.294% and 4.55 ± 0.223% for the crossbreds, and 12.90 ± 0.179% and 4.02 ± 0.142% for Damascus goats, respectively. Although the percentages of short-chain free fatty acids (FFAs) (C_4 to C_8) in the milk of both breeds did not change during lactation, the other FFAs (C_{10}-C_{18:3}) significantly varied (P Keywords: Damascus goat, German Fawn x hair goat B_1 crossbred, milk composition, free fatty acids, lactation period

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